Our Integrated Approach

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The objective of the research is to study a wide spectrum of projects and place the un-biased findings before you, so that you may evaluate the most appropriate one on your own. The information is collated and analyzed to provide you with all such relevant details which not only saves your time, money and efforts but also provides you with an insight into the builder, the project and other developments of the locality before you personally visit the site


Our research filters out the best projects available in the market. This helps our clients to go for more reliable and profitable propositions. Simultaneously, we also advice and assist in selling the properties at the right time, which consequently enhances the investment returns.

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Property Management

Whether vacant or occupied, property management & maintenance is another forte of AliveAsset. A unique feature of this service is that we also maintain a database of decent prospective tenants who, as per your compliance, would take the premises on rent so that earnings from your property continue.

Portfolio Management

This service is targeted to seasoned investor, where we can optimize the current portfolio through our dedicated research team. We come up with a strategy to achieve your goals and maximize your returns. You want to invest in new upcoming areas but due to time constraint or limited knowledge about certain locality or concern about property management post purchase you are not able to take decision. We help you overcome all your problems and work with you along with your money to grow your net worth.

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How we are different?

Property Brokerage Firms

Without any research base, they provide selective/biased information on specific projects with a short term motive of earning commissions on every sale

Alive Asset

On the basis of in-depth research, we furnish comprehensive reports covering various relevant facets of projects which help readers to make a prudent choice.

Brokerage firms (online or otherwise) act as channel sale partners of builders. They quit from the scene after receiving commissions on transactions held through them

We work on two designs- a) we place unbiased facts in front of buyers to allow them to make their own choice; b) Our relationship with our clients begins the moment they contact us. Thereafter we provide many unique services that further bring us together

Generally brokerage firms do not deal into Property Management services. Though some of them may partially support you in some of its activities but no one deals into it conclusively

We have a well-developed infrastructure and proper support system to render A to Z services of Property Management. Our activities include complete maintainence of building & premises, facility management, bills payment, tenant management etc

No Brokerage firm provides thorough research based action plan to manage property portfolios. Though some of them may guide you on property decisions

Portfolio Management Services is again one of ours distinctive offering which we impart in two stages- In the first stage we give recommendations in the form of a detailed report backed by logical data and thorough research; the second stage is the execution of strategic asset plans formulated by us in compliance with the clients

How can we impact your net worth?

Investor A B C D
No of Properties 1 3 to 5 6-15 16 and above
Approx Value of Property 80 lakh + 4 Crore + 10 Crore + 25 Crore +
Loan Amount Pending 40 lakh + 1 crore + Nil or less than 10% of net worth Nil or Insignificant
Current Status Own use/ rented out Own use/ rented out/ under construction Own use/ rented out/ lying vacant/ under construction Own use/ rented out/ lying vacant/ under construction
Problem Faced Not able to buy another house because saving is not enough after loan repayment and other monthly expenses. Decent portfolio but most of the income goes in paying EMIs and the property value is not appreciating now as it used to in the past. Good portfolio size which also provides regular cash flow. But could not scale up the net worth due to time constraint, less knowledge about upcoming locations and lack of reliable resources to maintain & manage the properties. Big portfolio size, which provides regular cash flow. Challenge is in managing such a big portfolio on their own. Time constraint, less knowledge about upcoming location and lack of reliable resources to maintain & manage the properties further limits regular optimization.
Our Approach

Our observation is that most of the people are not able to scale up their net worth because of following reasons:

  • Lack of clarity to differentiate between “Investment & END USE” purpose: Quite often people mix up both the purposes which prevents them from taking the right decision.
  • Bound by location: Most of the people know certain locations only so they are not comfortable in exploring new ones. Our combined service of research and property management will make you comfortable in expanding to other locations.
  • Copy Paste: Lot of people try to replicate their past success or their friends success by blindly copying. They don’t realize that time has change and in the changed time we need to have differentiated strategy. We will adapt our strategy to counter external risks and giving you desired returns.
  • Going by the public hype; Many times rumors and hypes are created by developers, brokers and media about a project or location. People get carried away and act without cross checking the facts and end up making looses. We never recommend to follow the public opinion blindly. Through our services you can easily evaluate the pros & cons and suitability of any option.