About Us

AliveAsset is an integrated real estate service provider with the objective of helping customers to increase their net worth. Making right investment decision is just the first step to ensure enhancement of net wealth through real estate. In addition to this, we also facilitate in- optimizing the returns, making a timely exit for better reinvestment, understanding the cash flow implications in every transaction and managing/maintaining properties.

In short, all your worries about real estate come to an end at alive Asset.com. We are a young & resourceful team of professionals determined to change the modus operandi of real estate affairs through our 4 methodical services:

  • Research Report – We conduct multi dimensional study on wide spectrum of projects and present the unbiased reports.
  • Advisory – We advise not only on safe and right propositions, but also about the appropriate stage to enter or exit from a transaction.
  • Property Management – We maintain and do micro management of properties including finding tenants, utility bill payments and other day to day activities as & when required.
  • Portfolio Management – This is focused activity with an aim to maximizing the net worth of our clients through an asset strategy and action plan formulated by our team of experts.

We generate confidence and trust in our clients by keeping utmost transparency in our dealings with them. Our clients also understand that we are not just buy & sell agents. The diversified services that we propose to offer need long term associations which can be formed only on the basis of honesty & quality.